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Reasons Your Teen Is Struggling With Math and How Tutoring Can Help

A report that came out a couple of years ago revealed that many Australian students dislike maths from a young age. This can be a problem because maths is a subject that requires students to learn basic principles before they can move to a higher level.

Maths is especially important for VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) students. It is a core subject that carries significant weight in terms of university admissions and future career prospects.

But what could be the common reasons for your teenager struggling with maths? And how can you support them? Let’s find out together.

Common Reasons for Teenagers’ Struggles with Maths

There are several reasons your teenager is struggling with high school maths. Here are a few of them:

Lack of Foundation and Conceptual Understanding

One common reason why teenagers may struggle with maths is a lack of foundation and conceptual understanding. It’s like building a house on shaky ground. If they haven’t mastered the fundamental maths concepts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, they may find it challenging to grasp more complex topics later on.

Additionally, they might have difficulty applying their prior knowledge to new concepts. Maths is cumulative, so if they struggle to connect the dots between different topics, it can hinder their progress. It’s vital to ensure a strong foundation and reinforce concepts along the way to help teenagers thrive in maths.

Ineffective Learning Strategies and Study Habits

Another common reason why teenagers may struggle with maths is due to ineffective learning strategies and study habits. It’s not just about understanding the concepts but also about knowing how to approach and solve problems. If your teens lack effective problem-solving techniques, they may feel stuck and discouraged when faced with mathematical challenges.

Furthermore, poor organisation and time management skills can hinder their ability to complete maths tasks efficiently. Maths requires practice and dedication, so developing effective study habits and managing time effectively are crucial for success. Only by honing these skills can your teenager tackle maths with confidence and improve their overall performance.

Challenging Curriculum and Pacing

Teenagers often struggle with maths due to the challenging curriculum and fast pace of their maths classes. Complex topics and advanced concepts can be overwhelming, especially if they lack a solid foundation. Not to mention the rapid progression of lessons may leave some students struggling to keep up. This often leads to gaps in their understanding.

Students need to be given additional support, such as tutoring or extra practice materials if they are to grasp complex concepts at their own pace and build a solid mathematical foundation.

How Tutoring Can Help

Speaking of tutoring, many teenagers struggling with maths can benefit significantly from high school tutors specialising in maths. Here’s how:

Individualised Attention and Targeted Instruction

Tutoring can be highly beneficial in addressing teenagers’ struggles with high school maths. One key advantage of this approach is the individualised attention and targeted instruction it offers. In a small group setting, tutors can provide personalised support tailored to each student’s needs.

They can identify knowledge gaps and reinforce foundational concepts that may be holding the students back. Tutors can also provide guidance by focusing on each student’s unique challenges. This can help students gain a better grasp of mathematical concepts.

Building Confidence and Motivation

Tutoring can also be vital in building teenagers’ confidence and motivation in maths. Tutors can help your struggling teen feel comfortable asking questions through a supportive and positive learning environment. The praise and encouragement they receive can help foster a sense of accomplishment within the students.

Additionally, tutors can instil a growth mindset, emphasising that intelligence and mathematical abilities can be developed with practice and effort. For most students, it is only when they are shown real-world applications of what they study that they are inspired to embrace the subject with enthusiasm. And that’s one of the things tutoring can foster.

Developing Effective Study Skills and Strategies

Maths tutoring can be instrumental in developing effective study skills and strategies for teenagers struggling with maths. The right maths tutor can teach study techniques and problem-solving approaches that cater to different learning styles, empowering teens to tackle maths problems confidently.

Tutors can also guide your teens in developing effective study habits and time management skills, ensuring they stay organised and make the most of their study sessions.

Choosing the Right Tutoring Approach

Knowing that tutoring can help teens struggling with maths is not enough. You also need to know which tutoring approach to implement.

Assessing Your Teen’s Needs and Learning Style

When choosing a tutoring approach for your teenager, assessing their needs and learning style is essential. Consider the specific challenges they face in maths and any particular preferences they may have.

Some students might benefit from a more hands-on, visual approach, while others may thrive with a structured, step-by-step method. Understanding your teen’s unique requirements allows you to select a tutoring approach that caters to their strengths and supports their growth.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration with the tutor are crucial. Open lines of communication allow you to establish clear goals and expectations for the tutoring sessions. Regular discussions about your teenager’s progress help monitor their development and address any concerns along the way.

Maintaining a collaborative relationship with high school maths tutors enables you to provide valuable insights about your teen’s specific needs and learning style. By working together, you can ensure that the tutoring approach aligns with your goals and maximises your teenager’s success in maths.

Building a Strong Foundation with ABC to VCE

High school maths can be challenging, but only if you let it. With the right mindset and with the help of the right high school tutor, your teen can learn to approach maths with confidence and efficiency. And if you’re looking for a “maths tutor near me,” ABC to VCE is here to help. Our experienced tutors specialising in maths can provide personalised learning sessions tailored to your teenager’s needs. Call or email us for a consultation and take the first step towards unlocking your teenager’s full potential in maths.