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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tutoring cost?

Each session is charged at different rates according to the session you choose. We have a variety of options to suit any budget.

Does my child have to come into the centre?

Whilst we love teaching face to face, we understand that it can be difficult to get to a centre near you. We acknowledge the strength in teachers at ABC to VCE and that’s why some of your favourite tutors and teachers are available online.

How often do we need to attend?

Our experienced teachers together with our mini group approach means we are able to achieve exceptional results much quicker than some of the larger tutoring studios, therefore we recommend a minimum of once per week and to also complete the homework given by teachers. If you feel your child has additional needs, or a special exam coming up, such as NAPLAN or GAT, then extra sessions are available.

Do you offer family discounts or multiple class discounts?

Yes! Many of our classes are already discounted as we want to make sure your children’s education comes first. We offer family and multiple class discounts on mini specialist and group sessions. Please enquiry if you are looking at booking multiple sessions.

Are your teachers qualified?

Absolutely! Pre-primary and primary children learn differently to teens; this is why we only hire qualified teachers, or those students completing their Bachelor of Education. We train each staff member the ABC to VCE program to ensure they are upholding the standards required by our excellent reputation within the community. Tutors for secondary and VCE sessions are over-achievers or those who have achieved academic excellence and exceptional ATAR results. They have a clear understanding of what it is to be an exceptional scholar.

How are fees charged?

When you book our exceptional services, we make sure that the staff we have carefully selected are also available for the entire term. Ensuring consistency with class sizes, attendance and teachers. opens space for exceptional results, which is what we all want; therefore payments are taken by the term, in advance. However, payment options are available on a case-by-case consideration, as we believe that education should be available to all.

What if I miss a lesson?

We understand that things can come up and you may have to miss a session, that is why we allow a 6-hour cancellation policy. When cancelling within this period, we are able to offer you a make-up class, once per term. However, we do try to be as flexible as possible.

My child has special needs. How can you help?

Our teachers are working towards, or are qualified Victorian teachers. Part of their undergraduate studies requires a successful unit pass on teaching children with special needs. Along with this, teachers are required to attend mandatory professional development sessions to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of supporting individual students.

Students are in small groups and receive individual attention. Our sessions are less overwhelming in comparison to larger groups or a classroom setting.

Students with ADD, ADHD, Autism, low processing and intellectual disabilities are supported in our centre. Please reach out if you wish to discuss your child’s special needs.

Do you do an assessment and do I get a report?

All parents receive a progress report of their child’s activities they have completed, areas of success and any areas that need further support at the end of each term, with suggestions of how you can help at home. During the term if we feel there is significant concern, we will immediately make contact with you.

VCE parents receive a student report after each session.

After each term, is my enrollment automatic?

In most cases, yes, your enrollment will automatically enrol into the next term, at the same time and on the same day.

The only time this does not occur, is if the class would not be running due to low numbers. If this occurs, we would work with you to find a more convenient time.

VCE year 12 enrollments are dropped in October.

I cannot recommend ABC to VCE Tutoring enough! The standard of tutoring they offer is exceptional! Jo possesses an amazing passion for teaching as does her staff. My son is in his second year of tutoring now. Georgina has been amazing! The confidence and ability he has in his writing, well I’m speechless. I highly recommend Jo, Georgina and all the other staff! I love seeing my son developing his writing skills and maths and look forward to the individualised feedback after each session. I would give a 10 star rating if I could.
Alicia Stearman
Alicia Stearman
12:08 01 Jun 21
My son has only recently started with ABC to VCE and I can honestly say that we have already seen an improvement in his confidence with regards to his school work. He was feeling overwhelmed with VCE but Mr Robert and Mr Danny have already made an impact. I am very impressed with the tutor's approachability and genuine care. My son looks forward to every session. I only wish we had found ABC to VCE earlier!
Esther Maglitto
Esther Maglitto
00:06 31 May 21
My daughter started with ABC to VCE this year and Marianna has been fantastic, from the first lesson she made my daughter feel so welcome and calmed her anxiety. Marianna makes the lessons simple to understand, is very calm & knowledgeable in her tutoring methods and that is why my daughter enjoys attending the classes. Thank you very much Marianna!
John Rosini
John Rosini
02:07 29 May 21
My both children aged 6 and 8 have started with ABC to VCE and they already miss them when they cannot make it. They are loving the challenging tasks and the one on one has added value to their learning. ABC to VCE are really accommodating to individual situation and are really great to deal with.Thank you for making my children's education easy. Will recommend you to anyone and I already have been telling my friends how good you are. :)Educations are Quoc and Ed Thank you.Special thank you to Jo 🙂 :)Thank you once again.
Kat Rai
Kat Rai
05:11 28 May 21
We love Marianna, she is very supportive and understanding to Matthew.She always updates us with Matthew's learning and development. She even shares her knowledge to help Matthew at home.And shout out to Miss Jo for her great supports with welcome environment and easy communication for family like us.
Melany Wijaya
Melany Wijaya
02:44 28 May 21

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