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Founder and Managing Director Miss. Jo

Owner of ABC to VCE, Jo-Anne Lee has always been passionate about learning, which continues to drive her life purpose as a teacher.

Jo-Anne (Miss Jo) is truly to committed to ensuring every child, teen or adolescent leaves her centre feeling confident in their skills as a learner. This is achieved through consistent support, upskilled educators and a true passion for the education process.

Jo has a Master’s degree specialising in Literacy, however her true passion has always been maths, and patterns in numbers. She graduated from Monash University with a Commonwealth Learning scholarship and a  scholarship for Excellence and Equity. As a committed student, Jo received the Dean’s Top Honors, the Golden Key Society membership, and the Faculty’s Top Graduating student award. She is also a member of the Victorian Institute of Teaching, driven to continuously grow and improve services to your family.

Jo says ‘our motto of tutors for results underpins, every lesson, every resource and every decision we make within our company to ensure we deliver to you and your child the ability to excel the goals you set out to achieve.’  I look forward to taking this journey with you.


Secondary English and Maths

Sreya graduated in 2019 from The Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School with a 95+ ATAR and is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Sreya joined the results team at ABC to VCE over 18 months ago and has proven her teaching methods to be very successful.
Sreya is our dedicated English language tutor for English, English Language and Maths tutor. She will carefully craft each lesson as individualised as the students’ learning needs to ensure success.
Sreya is a results-based tutor as she is consistent in providing feedback and valuable tips to strengthen student knowledge at every opportunity realised. She understands the importance of your teen’s achievements and how it makes them feel in terms of students seeing their own potential. Clients consistently let us know of their satisfaction with all that Sreya does for their teens and their family goals in education. We are excited to have Sreya on board, sharing her knowledge, tips and tricks for your teen to achieve their best and set them up for success in VCE.


Accomplished Primary teacher

Veronica is a fully qualified P-12 Educator currently working at a local school. Veronica’s success in her education journey has been acknowledged as she was nominated immediately upon commencement for the ‘Graduate Mentor Pilot Program’ at her school.
Veronica enjoys her role as a results-based tutor as it allows her to work closely with students in small groups and to help them grow whilst achieving their goals. She states ‘getting feedback not only from our owner and director Jo, but the students and their parents about how much better the student is doing, and how much more confident they are, is amazing. To me, results aren’t only what is put on paper or on their reports – it’s how they grow academically and within themselves. My true joy is shaping their confidence and belief in their abilities as a learner.’

Veronica is extremely passionate about her work at ABC to VCE and we are excited to have such a knowledgeable and passionate colleague.

Dr. Danny

ABC to VCE Manager and expert in Maths and Chemistry

Dr Danny Nguyen is our senior science and maths lecturer. Danny joined ABC to VCE just shortly after its inception in 2018. With over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience, Danny’s dedication to his clients, his learning and the business, was quickly recognised and shortly after, Danny was offered a management role.
The students of Danny’s classes consistently share their outstanding success. Danny says ‘the key to achieving results is consistently planning and implementing student focused, individualised lesson plans and celebrating student success with them.’ Danny’s students develop confidence to prepare and tackle exams and share their achievements and excitement when they receive their accelerated results. They are excited to receive the praise from their parents and their school with noticeable differences in achievement.
As part of the ‘results team’ at ABC to VCE, Danny goes above and beyond to assure your success. He believes that your success, is his success.
Danny also has additional expertise in exam preparation for select entry schools, scholarships, GAT (General Achievement Test) and UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test).


Expert science and maths tutor

Robert has always excelled in his education. As a dedicated and conscientious student, Robert consistently received the Principal’s List Award every semester for his academic excellence.
Robert has had more than 3 years tutoring experience through Emmanuel College as a mathematics tutor and for over 12 months, as a mathematics and science tutor with ABC to VCE working closely with Dr. Danny.
Robert is a results-based educator as he understands the individual needs of his clients and their families. Robert carefully designs each lesson to ensure he is sharing his knowledge through exceptional organisation skills, thorough knowledge, up-to-date resources supporting current curriculum and clear communication. Roberts academic achievements demonstrates that he knows and understands the feeling of achievement which drives his desire for your teen to also achieve.
Robert’s passion for the sciences have led him to study Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.


Expert secondary tutor and VCE English

Nicole joined ABC to VCE at its conceptions. She came to us highly skilled in her area of expertise, achieving an outstanding ATAR for VCE English.
Over the past 3 years, Nicole has consistently demonstrated our motto of ‘Tutors for results’ as her student’s consistently achieve excelled results, often exceeding their expectations.
Nicole’s patient and calm approach allows students to feel comfortable to take risks and deepen concepts, in her learning environment. Nicole ensures students understand and can demonstrate concepts before moving onto the next topic.
Nicole will cater her lessons to suit each student’s individual learning style, to guarantee achievement of their academic goals.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics at La Trobe University.