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Welcome to ABC to VCE Tutoring Centre

The first tutoring centre provider for Educational Support across your child’s entire learning journey.





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Why choose ABC to VCE?

Choosing the right tutor is not an easy decision, and a large investment into your child’s future. At ABC to VCE, we believe a successful provider requires qualified, passionate teachers who will support your child throughout their entire journey. This is why we follow a consistent model where each student has equal opportunities for their full potential to be realised and maintained beyond their schooling years.

We offer 1 on 1 teaching, with additional expertise in nurturing services, for small groups 2- 4 students at a time, small group classes, as well as online classes. Our delivery model is based on undisputed research (Vygotsky, 1934) and theories, which stress the fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition. We agree, it is essential tutors allow children an opportunity to learn with both the teacher, and higher skilled peers.

ABC to VCE’s tutors also work hard to identify gaps in the curriculum your child has – in order to fill these while developing their strengths. We consistently deliver top quality teaching, with the expectation our students will share any new learnings with peers and teachers.

Meet Jo  –  founder of ABC to VCE

A warm welcome to my classroom! As a dedicated Early Years and Primary Educator, I have worked with the Department of Education for many years in various roles including Principles of Learning and Teaching Development team, Lead Teacher, Curriculum advisor, Assessor for Mathematics aptitude in Pre-service teachers.  This experience has led me to become passionate developing confident children and reconnecting their positive relationship to education through their entire learning journey.

Every parent has the desire to ensure their child’s genius zone shines. At any time during schooling, children may lose confidence and feel unsuccessful – especially if they are performing remarkably in some areas and not others. This is why my team at ABC to VCE make it their purpose to identify these gaps and other areas of need. Learning begins through a celebration surrounding the level your child is at upon commencement. As tutoring progresses, we build layers of new information, while ensuring there is a clear understanding and connection with new learning. We relate this to building a hamburger, where delivery starts at the base with content gradually added, piece by piece.

What Parents and Students Say

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