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Begin Brilliantly

When school starts

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School readiness program

In the lead up to the most exciting time of starting school, we want to ensure your child has a smooth transition into Prep, setting your child up for success right from the beginning.

Begin Brilliantly, our school readiness program is cleverly designed to reflect the routine of a classroom. Children enjoy engaging, hands-on activities as they explore

  • literacy skills including saying, reading and writing letter names and sounds
  • handwriting  including correct pencil grip and posture
  • reading and comprehension
  • spelling and high frequency words
  • number skills
  • social and emotional development
  • co-operation
  • and most importantly concentration, which is the key to learning.

After the Begin Brilliantly program, children transition into prep and school life, happy, excited, confident and a love for learning.

Every parent wants to give their child the best head start, so let’s start now; as a team; together.

Don’t just begin school, Begin Brilliantly!

Begin Brilliantly - when school starts

Our school readiness program caters for children aged 3 to 5. Each session runs for 75 minutes once per week, or more if you prefer.

Each session begins with fine and gross motor skills, then works through engaging hands-on activities to learn the sounds of the English language, how they are written and reproduced in writing, reading and spelling.

With the purchase of the resource pack, you can replicate the learning at home, ensuring great success when school starts.

Don’t just start school, start BRILLIANTLY!
Places are limited, don’t be disappointed, please book ahead.

Begin Brilliantly - online

**Currently under maintenance**

Our pause and play Begin Brilliantly program offered online is ideal for families who can not make it into one of our centres. Children and parents have the opportunity to visit the program within their own schedule, re-play their favourite activities or re-play for further consolidation.

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Book your free trial

Want to ‘try before you buy?’ We are so confident that you will love our program, we invite you to a free trial.

These places are very limited, to ensure we offer the highest of teaching in each session, so please book via the link.

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What is a school readiness program?

A school readiness program is designed to immerse your child in activities that they will be exposed to in a primary school setting.

Activities include phonics (sounds and how to produce them correctly), handwriting (correct pencil grip), reading skills, spelling and number work.

The program will also develop social and emotional skills, concentration and co-operation.

What are the benefits of a school readiness program?

We know ourselves, that when we practise a skill set, we get better at it, we feel more comfortable and confident and are prepared to take risks to learn further. Once children practise the skills they need for school, their confidence and excitement in extending their knowledge can occur. Children become more advanced and therefore new learning is easier to consolidate and extend, achieving higher results. Conversely, when we are put in an unfamiliar situation it causes unnecessary stress and hinder learning.

What are the risks of not being school ready?

Children are transitioning from play-based education in a kinder or child care setting into a structured, more formal based style of education in primary school. Whilst both learning environments are extremely important, the result between the two styles of education is very different and can cause stress and anxiety, and in particular, a lack of confidence when transitioning into school.

How often do we attend Begin Brilliantly?

Coming into the centre, most families attend once per week, however others more often; the choice is yours. We recommend once per week is enough and we offer a full resource package with in-home activities for you to do with your children to support and consolidate their learning. Many of our clients choose the online program, as an additional support to coming into the centre.

I live too far away from your centre.

This is not a problem at all! We have created a pause and play online learning system for you to do in the convenience of your own home. You can easily enjoy the program with your child as often as you wish and re-visit your favourite segments.

Our Year 7 son has started attending ABC to VCE Tutoring in Sunshine and we must say we are extremely impressed with the tutors Thomas and Calvin, they are amazing.From the very first session, it was well received and our son came home a very happy boy, especially since he had fallen behind during 2 years of home-schooling and lockdowns.It has been the best decision we have made for our son.We have been spreading the news of their wonderful services to all the other parents on how good their team is. We highly recommend them for anyone considering tutoring services for their child.
George Zahopoulos
George Zahopoulos
04:51 30 May 22
I cannot recommend ABC to VCE Tutoring enough! The standard of tutoring they offer is exceptional! Jo possesses an amazing passion for teaching as does her staff. My son is in his second year of tutoring now. Georgina has been amazing! The confidence and ability he has in his writing, well I’m speechless. I highly recommend Jo, Georgina and all the other staff! I love seeing my son developing his writing skills and maths and look forward to the individualised feedback after each session. I would give a 10 star rating if I could.
Alicia Stearman
Alicia Stearman
12:08 01 Jun 21
My son has only recently started with ABC to VCE and I can honestly say that we have already seen an improvement in his confidence with regards to his school work. He was feeling overwhelmed with VCE but Mr Robert and Mr Danny have already made an impact. I am very impressed with the tutor's approachability and genuine care. My son looks forward to every session. I only wish we had found ABC to VCE earlier!
Esther Maglitto
Esther Maglitto
00:06 31 May 21
My daughter started with ABC to VCE this year and Marianna has been fantastic, from the first lesson she made my daughter feel so welcome and calmed her anxiety. Marianna makes the lessons simple to understand, is very calm & knowledgeable in her tutoring methods and that is why my daughter enjoys attending the classes. Thank you very much Marianna!
John Rosini
John Rosini
02:07 29 May 21
My both children aged 6 and 8 have started with ABC to VCE and they already miss them when they cannot make it. They are loving the challenging tasks and the one on one has added value to their learning. ABC to VCE are really accommodating to individual situation and are really great to deal with.Thank you for making my children's education easy. Will recommend you to anyone and I already have been telling my friends how good you are. :)Educations are Quoc and Ed Thank you.Special thank you to Jo 🙂 :)Thank you once again.
Kat Rai
Kat Rai
05:11 28 May 21
We love Marianna, she is very supportive and understanding to Matthew.She always updates us with Matthew's learning and development. She even shares her knowledge to help Matthew at home.And shout out to Miss Jo for her great supports with welcome environment and easy communication for family like us.
Melany Wijaya
Melany Wijaya
02:44 28 May 21

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