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Pro-active vs re-active parenting and early childhood education Key ideas – cognitive skills, early education, proactive approach, reactive parent, Jo-Anne Lee, learning experience, anxiety, stress, poor grades, play based education, school transition So you feel your child is ready for school? They

What if my child can’t read? Key topics: phonics, reading, writing, spelling, cued articulation, phonemic awareness, warning signs, skill level, education, multi-modal, reading instruction, sight words, words families, Jo-Anne Lee “A child’s level of reading achievement is determined early in their school

How to teach your child handwriting (BeginBrilliantly.com.au) Key topicspencil grip, motor skills, posture, toddler, pre-school child, handwriting, grasp, dotted thirds, hand muscles, poor handwriting, multi-media, Jo-Anne Lee, left-handed vs right-handed. Are we losing the art of handwriting? Is there more emphasis the days,

Key topics: school readiness, academic skills, social skills, emotional maturity, attention, concentration, literacy, numeracy, Miss Jo, fear, anxiety, self-care What is school readiness? School readiness is the decision-making process of deciding if a child is ready for ‘big-school’ aka Primary School.  It