High School Tutor Werribee

High School Tutoring in Werribee

If you’re looking for a secondary school tutor in Werribee, ABC to VCE provides expert support for high school subjects. From Maths to English and Sciences, we cover everything from the basics to the most complex problems. Our team can tailor lesson plans to your unique child, helping them understand their own learning style and work through their difficulties in a supportive learning setting. We don’t see problems, only solutions, and we believe that every child has the ability to succeed in school when given the right assistance.


Here at ABC to VCE, we’ve hand-selected top local tutors to build a team that can help your child succeed. Our tutors have all achieved exceptional ATAR scores, been accepted into top universities, and now want to share their knowledge. We’re a team of secondary school tutors Werribee students can connect with and learn from in an engaging and encouraging environment. Our team provides specific help for your student, taking the time to learn about where their problems are happening and how to push past those blocks.


Our tutors are available 6 days a week to ensure that you can schedule high school tutoring in Werribee when it works for you. You’re able to focus on a problem subject or get help across multiple areas to ensure your child is progressing with their peers. To book a group or one-on-one tutoring session, please contact us today.

Helping your child to succeed!

Our premium one-to-one sessions are 60 minutes of intense learning. Each lesson is individualised to suit your child’s needs. Our tutors will identify any gaps, fill them and extend their learning. Your child’s goal to reach their potential is our goal.

Covering English, Maths or Science our tutors are experts in their field and will be able to repair or build your child’s confidence.

Our post popular sessions for students working in year 7 – 8 or year 9 – 10.

These 90 minute sessions are split; 45 minutes of English and 45 minutes of maths. These sessions are taught by the experts in their subject area, are convenient and great value.

Each session allows optimal time for students to ask questions, discuss learning and share new knowledge with the support of their expert tutor.

Online classes are available for one-to-one tutoring.

These sessions are ideal for students who require a little additional support and prefer to work at their own pace.

Our highly sought after tutors recognise that not all students can attend in centre and are therefore available online to ensure your child receives the best possible education.

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Select Entry and Gifted Education

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes.
English, maths and science tutoring for students who want a challenge or are high achievers.

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes are designed for children working years 4 – 6, working above their level.
These classes of gifted education will excel your child even further to enhance their engagement and love for learning all while their own education expectations will rise.

We cover aspects of creative, narrative and persuasive writing; grammar and complex sentence structure. In maths, we ensure an in-depth understanding of number relationships, including numerical and logical reasoning

Our trusted, highly qualified, experienced tutors have been working with ABC to VCE for an extended period and understand the seriousness of excelling your child.
They also acknowledge the importance of achieving academic goals now and into the future.

Setting your child up for life!