School Holidays Program

School holiday workshops

Prep to year 12 – to get a great head start

Our range of school holiday workshops are a great opportunity for your child to get a head start and gain confidence in their learning before re-commencing the school term.

Workshops for primary school students are a fun and engaging way to boost students’ current academic levels in literacy and numeracy, with excitement along the way. Each 3 hour session covers spelling, reading, writing and numeracy skills.

The Holidays Workshops Programs are run daily in all term breaks and the two weeks prior to school commencement of a new year. These have limited numbers to ensure individualised attention, so it is recommended you book early to avoid disappointment.

VCE workshops improve your VCE performance by keeping on top of the studies through the holidays. One to one, and small groups motivate and support with interactive teaching that reinforces concepts taught at schools.

Helping your child to succeed!

Our next school holiday program commences Tuesday April 6th, running from 9am-12 noon. Covering subjects such as spelling, reading, comprehension, writing and numeracy skills, through fun, engaging activities.

Sessions are just $47 for 3 hours and always book out fast.

Individual days can be booked, that way, you choose what suits you best!

Our very popular ‘mini specialist’ sessions are designed to ensure each student receives individual attention according to their needs. Each session is planned with your child in mind, filling gaps and developing confidence through success.

Each session nurtures no more than 5 children at a time and runs for 60 minutes. You can choose literacy, numeracy or both.

Our qualified, experienced teachers know how to efficiently and effectively teach, to obtain the highest results possible.

VCE – all of our tutors acknowledge the importance of the VCE years and that’s why we don’t take a break in school holidays. All our VCE classes continue throughout the holidays.

In fact, we add more availability to our timetables, so that you can take advantage of this time and get ahead!

All subjects from English to maths, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, health and more!

ABC to VCE tutoring centre - tutors for results

Select Entry and Gifted Education

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes.
English, maths and science tutoring for students who want a challenge or are high achievers.

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes are designed for children working years 4 – 6, working above their level.
These classes of gifted education will excel your child even further to enhance their engagement and love for learning all while their own education expectations will rise.

We cover aspects of creative, narrative and persuasive writing; grammar and complex sentence structure. In maths, we ensure an in-depth understanding of number relationships, including numerical and logical reasoning

Our trusted, highly qualified, experienced tutors have been working with ABC to VCE for an extended period and understand the seriousness of excelling your child.
They also acknowledge the importance of achieving academic goals now and into the future.

Setting your child up for life!