Primary School Programs

Literacy & Numeracy Tutoring

We have Australia’s best tutors; we know this because of the high results our students achieve. Our tutors are qualified teachers and experts in their subject area and of course, hold the Victorian Institute of Teaching registration, are pre-service teachers and hold a Working with Children Check. English tutoring covers all aspects of literacy including spelling, reading and comprehension, writing styles and handwriting to ensure the development of strong literacy skills.

Our Maths tutoring component covers number and algebra, ensuring a well-rounded, in depth development of number sense including number relationships in multiplication and division, place value, fractions, decimals and percentages, creating a broad base of knowledge.

Our qualified, caring teachers have experience educating children with special needs. Our sessions cover literacy and numeracy to support life skills for a successful transition into further studies or the work force. Whatever your concerns or goals, ABC to VCE tutors are here to support you and your child.

Helping your child to succeed!

Premium 1 to 1 specialist sessions are available in centre and on line and delivered by primary school teachers. These 60 minute sessions cater for students requiring individualised support.

Whether your child has special needs, is working ‘below’, ‘at’ or ‘above’ level, each session in tailored specially to your child for optimal growth in their knowledge and education.

Our most popular mini specialist sessions nurture 2-4 students over 60 minutes. Covering subjects of your choice, these mini specialist sessions are individually planned to suit the needs of your child.

Our expert teachers work towards developing confidence and a depth of knowledge in areas of need.

Our small group sessions nurture up to 8 students with 1 expert primary school teacher. These 60 minute sessions follow the Victorian curriculum in literacy and numeracy.

Students love working in the mini classroom environment as this offers scope for children to ask questions, consolidate their learning and develop confidence. Students love working in the mini classroom environment as this offers scope for children to ask questions, consolidate their learning, develop confidence and enjoy new friendships.

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Select Entry and Gifted Education

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes.
English, maths and science tutoring for students who want a challenge or are high achievers.

Select Entry and Educational Excellence classes are designed for children working years 4 – 6, working above their level.
These classes of gifted education will excel your child even further to enhance their engagement and love for learning all while their own education expectations will rise.

We cover aspects of creative, narrative and persuasive writing; grammar and complex sentence structure. In maths, we ensure an in-depth understanding of number relationships, including numerical and logical reasoning

Our trusted, highly qualified, experienced tutors have been working with ABC to VCE for an extended period and understand the seriousness of excelling your child.
They also acknowledge the importance of achieving academic goals now and into the future.

Setting your child up for life!